Homo Deus

I finished Homo Deus. It was incredibly entertaining. The book made me think, and it was also very frightening. Homo Deus offers insights into what the potential future of Homo Sapiens might be. Harari argues convincingly that the seemingly eternal problems of war, famine, and plague that have haunted humanity forever are now problems that […]

Bills and Bagels – Legislative update for Southern Utah County

 This morning I attended  the Bills & Bagels event at the Nebo School District office. The following legislators were in attendance: Norm Thurston Francis Gibson Marc Roberts Dedrie Henderson The meeting felt almost routine in that it was more of a legislative update than anything that was too interactive. They discussed some of their bills, […]

Star Wars Tickets

Last night Miles couldn’t get over telling me how awesome the new Start Wars trailer was. So I sized the opportunity to buy tickets early, as we are obviously going as soon as possible given Miles’ complete requirement that he experience everything the Star Wars Universe has to offer.  I bought tickets from fandango.com, but […]