12 Die in Coal Mine

I initially heard that 12 men were found alive in a West Virginia coal mine. I was very sad to hear that the initial report was in error, and only one soul survived. I don’t know if we should blame the media (as it seems blame is part of the way things work today) nevertheless; this is very unfortunate for many of the coal miner’s families.

Families learn 12 of 13 trapped miners found dead.


Jake Waters

How do you screw something like that up? As of 10:00 (MST) last night, news outlets were reporting the 12 were alive. I don’t think you can blame the media as a whole, even if they all gave false reports. News outlets took the news, which seemed official and ran with it, as it would be absolutely impossible to validate every single story that comes their way. The error came from whoever gave initial word that they were still alive.

I was mostly commenting on the “Bame Game” that seems to be required these days. I agree, I would not blame the media. In the world of today it seems as if blame is all that we can do when we have problems.

Jake Waters

I’ve only been a resident of planet earth for a mere 23 years, but I am fairly confident in saying that blame is nothing new-politcally or otherwise. I find blame to be a rather useful tool. If the wife happens to pick up on a foul oder, she blames me, in which case I toss the blame on to the cat. The cat is defenseless, seeing as how there is a communication barrier between her (as well as the growing number of illegal aliens from Mexico) and I.
And as a side note, I love McDonalds. It’s the place of food, folks and fun. But I am sick and tired of the language barrier that resides between me and the cashier. If I was prepared to try to translate broken English in to my well spoken English, I would have ordered Mexican food from my favorite place, Los 3 Amigos. I only have enough energy once or twice to go through that much trouble.

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