Month: January 2005

The Great Utah Legislature

The Utah Legislature is at it again. Determined to force God, Guns, and “Family Values” into the hearts and minds of all Utahns. I hope that this year, being an off election year, will bring a bit more productive legislation. Afterall, the minds of voters are slow to remember distant events. For example: George W. Bush was re-elected after lieing to the American people. But Good times. I am glad that Republicans rule, otherwise I wouln’t have anything to complain about.


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That last story was queer.

I really didn’t like yesterday’s post when I reread it today. I was being a big baby yesterday. I was acting like a liberal hippy. Paul Dayton is not a hippy; however he is a liberal.

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Why do we have to live such stressfull lifes?


Because that is what we desire and that is also what society requires.


Paul J. Dayton is way stressed out.

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Bush Propaganda

We are far past the Soviet and Nazi Germany days. Regardless, government sponsored propaganda is alive and well in the United States. Armstrong Williams, a relatively unknown media personality, was payed 240 GRAND by the Bush Administration to promote the doomed no child left behind program.

God bless George W. Bush.

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The Greatest Blog on the NET

Wow, where should I begin with this greatest blog in the world? Two days ago I got a new car, which is much like my old car which I gave to my sister.

It has been very windy in the great state of Zion. A drought killing winter storm is moving in, but I don’t see any rain.

I am watching Fox News Sunday, where I just saw Lindsay Gram attack Roberto Gonzales in a Senate confirmation hearing. I hate republicans, but I like seeing them have differing opinions among themselves.


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Blogs: A new medium of social interaction as well as my NY’s resolution.

Today the internet is filled with personal blogs. This very website that you are viewing claims to be a blog. How are blogs useful.

For the past few years I have maintained a website. Al I have included on my websites were pictures and occasional political rants. Nothing that was of any real use to anyone.

All of the sudden, seemingly out of the blue this new phenomenon of web blogs comes out of the blue. I don’t think I have quite caught on to this blogging stuff. I would like to be a blogger, but I currently suck to much to be a blogger.

So in this new year I believe I will try the fine art of blogging. Perhaps I am selling out, perhaps I don’t give a damn. Perhaps this makes for a good blog. I really love to eat Taco Bell.

–Paul Jones Dayton

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John Huntsman Jr. Inaugurated as Utah Governor

In what I am sure what a splendid event full of “pomp” and “ceremony” Utah supreme court chief justice Kristine Durham swore little John into the governorship of Utah. Will this rich son of a gun save Utah from impending DOOM? Stay tuned.

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Utah wins the Fiesta Bowl!

I would like to congradulate the University of Utah football team for a wonderful season. 12-0 is pretty darn awesome!

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