Month: June 2005

FC4 Released, Paul Uses Linux

On Monday Fedora Core 4 was officially released. It has all sorts of features wich are detailed across the world wide web. I am excited about the support for PPC chips (even though Apple is dropping them). My mac mini may soon be hosting on Fedora core 4.

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Bush continues to betray the American people.

George W. Bush, arguably the worst president ever to hold office, continues to betray the will of the American People. He continues to push his social security reform plan, even though a clear and growing majority of the people disagrees with Bush’s ideas. To complicate matters, Bush implies that he is performing God’s will through his policies. I wonder if God would approve of misleading the public to go to war so some well placed individuals could get some tasty government contracts.

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Paul moves to South Jordan, Utah.

Sick of his 2 hour daily commute, Paul Dayton finally returns to the Salt Lake Valley in style.

The Residence of a one Mr. Paul Jones Dayton

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I love Utah.

Utah is a great place to live. The mountains guide your way by pervading the landscape. The urban areas have a rural sense that is both refreshing and liberating. The people, though quaint and sometimes odd, are like none other on earth. This American Zion is truly a wonderful place!

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