Month: July 2005

Rove and Bush are FAT LIARS!

That jerk who runs the country is now in trouble for undermining the security of the United States, and BUSH STILL STANS BY HIM. I am ashamed to say I graduated from the same University as Karl Rove.

Posted by Paul

House pictures added.

I have added some pictures of my house to the website. The pictures were taken in April right before I moved in.

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I am deeply concerned about the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’conner. As many know, she held a unique position on the court as a crucial swing vote. In the coming weeks a very bad president will have the opourtunity to leave his mark on the court. My great fear is that George will appoint a tyrant who will roll back some of the civil rights and liberties that are implied in the constitution.

I am calling on all Democrats and Republicans in office to join toghether, fight like hell, and keep the court fair. Do not appoint wackos in the image of Clarence Thomas. Fillabuster, stall the government, do whatever is necessary, DO NOT DESTROY FREEDOM in the United States.

Posted by Paul

Paul JD is a swell techno-savvy guy

You wouldn’t believe the world that I live in. Everywhere I am surrounded by technology. Have of the things in the room I am in right now were purchased electronically over the Internet. My car has a digital stereo that receives digital broadcasts from outer space. My cable tv tuner can save on demand contents that streams digitally over the coax cables of Utah. Darn I am cool!

Posted by Paul