Month: August 2005

What’s wrong with my podcast?

I was viewing statistics for my webpage this morning and I noticed that my podcast has been downloaded 25 times. That really sucks. Jake Waters, who hosts his website on my server, had had nearly 200 downloads of his latest podcast. Jake’s latest podcast has only been online since Thursday night. What am I doing wrong? Feel free to comment!

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Protesting the President

It is both patriotic and wise to question the actions of our leaders. Today I participated in an anti-bush demonstration that was critical of Bush’s policies.
Click here for pictures of the protest!

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George Bush comes to Utah, Channel 4 Suppresses Free Speech

For only the second time George is coming to my state. He is coming to speak a the veterans of foreign wars convention at the Salt Palace. Channel 4, in preparation for the visit from our Presidential Idiot, had decided to silence an ad from Cindy Sheean. For the record, all other network affiliates in Utah are running the ad, including KSL which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (You know… the Mormons). If KSL is running the ad it has to be harmless.

Check out this CBS story: here about the controversy.

I will be with mayor Anderson and others on Monday protesting our bad president.

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Podcast Number 1

Paul now has his very own podcast. The first one was piss poor, but you should listen anyway. Check it out here —>RSS | MP3

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Ashdown for Senate in 2006

Pete Ashdown is going to fight the good fight and take on Orrin Hatch for the U.S. Senate. The odds are against Pete, and the situation for a democrat winning the Senate is grim. Nevertheless, it is very important that Hatch stop his anti-technology, anti-good tyranical ways in the US Senate.

FYI Pete Ashdown is the founder and CEO of Xmission. This site is hosted on xmissions awesome internet service.

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Paul’s Saturday

I woke up at 7:00 AM sharp today. I got on the computer and browsed for some deals. After that I went outside and mowed the lawn. I then went shopping at Home Depot to buy some fertilizer. Next, I went to the post office to mail some bills. I purchased a soft taco, burrito, and a double decker taco at taco bell. I got some fries for Mandy. I think I took a nap, and now I am browsing the web.

I am having a Saturday to remember!

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Amtrak goes sexy!

God bless AMTRAK.
Have you ever wanted to travel across the amber waves of grain by train? Well thanks to an old corporate welfare program you can still criss cross this nation on the old iron horse.

In 1970 congress created Amtrak. Congress created the new rail service to help private railroads get out of the business of transporting people. Railroads had been loosing money for years with passenger service as alternative methods of transportation became more used alternatives. Congress rightly decided that an intercity passenger infrastructure should not be sacrificed by corporate bottom lines.

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People who are hard wired to annoy.

There are few things in life that I can not deal with. This past year I have seen very important people come and go. My life has changed in very dramatic ways. I have taken the difficult things and found ways to be happy in unfortunate situations.

One aspect of life that I can not find any way to accommodate is that special person who was built to annoy.

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Paul in Pictures

Well I have added some pictures to the site. If you have the time view them here.

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