Month: September 2005

End of the week.

Well greetings. Another week has come to pass. I wish I had more content or something awesome to say. Nothing, and I mean nothing, exciting has happened in my life this week. Just another one of those typical average weeks that will not linger long time in memory!

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Another day at the office

Well I had another successful day at the office. I have been here for nine hours plus. Let’s see how much longer I am here.

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Lets play the "Blame Game"

George Bush and other Republicans have implored the American people to not play the “blame game” over the government’s piss poor response to Hurricaine Katrina.

Don’t you love these administration guys? Always coming up with cheap catch phrases that demonize worth while activitys. Americans should always question the actions of their government. And when Americans whitness such a collosal failure of leadership, questioning the administration’s abilites does not amount to a “game.”

It seems like whatever happens in this increasingly mislead country of ours, Bush will always pretend that nothing is wrong. Bush will never take any responsibility for his leadership.

Why do we let him get away with this?

Posted by Paul Service Disruption

Well tonight it finally happened. The old rickety power supply that I was running my Fedora Core “” server on finally kicked the bucked. I think a power surge here in Payson may have dealt the fatal blow to my poor power supply. Needless to say I have replaced the power supply and will be returning to South Jordan shortly.

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Two Americas

I remember last year during the Democratic convention when John Edwards gave his two Americas speech. He spoke of the America that exists for the haves and the have-nots. At the time he gave the speech it did not resonate with me at all. I was a young student with little though of the macro problems of our country, except as it related to my school assignments.

Now as I see the people displaced from New Orleans it has become painfully clear that there are two Americas. How can we live in a country with such prevalent poverty and hardship? This is the United States, the premiere super power of the world, #1, the country that can do everything. Why are things this way? Why is health care so inaccessible to so many in this country?

We have to change things. Donate money to good causes. Call those lawmakers! Take care of yourself and your family so you can fight for those less privileged than yourself. We need to improve the country for the continued persistence of our nation.

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More Comments Please

I really wish there were more people who would comment on my website. The only one who comments is the astute Jake Waters. Please write on my site. Make me feel good. Do it to me, write comments to me, love me.

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Podcast 2

Check it out here —>RSS | MP3

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Rehnquist Dies

This evening the Chief Justice passed away. His death comes as a suprise to me. I knew his health was fading, but I didn’t expect this to happen this soon.

We now have two open seats on the Supreme Court. A large part of the future of our nation may be based on Bush’s second decision.

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