Month: November 2005

Friday Ramblings

Well it is Wednesday, but to those of us in the business world, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is Friday. I am so excited to have time off tomorrow and on Friday. As I always do I have neglected this page for a long time. Life is just too busy to keep up with all that I could.
On Saturday my sister Natalie was married for time and all eternity. I am very happy for her and wish the best for Natalie and Ricky.
Also on Saturday the University of Utah pwned BYU in the annual Utah Super Bowl. For years in a row, YEAH!

Well I am going to take some of this rare free time that I have to browse the internet. Take care and God bless.

Posted by Paul

Alito is bad news.

Well Bush has done it again. Under pressure and down in the polls Bush has given the waco Right Wing exactly what they wanted: Scullia II.

I think it is high time to pull out the old Fillabuster. Democrats: Don’t let us down.

Posted by Paul