Month: April 2006

Snow comes in at an all time low.

Today George added a friend from the Fox family to his administration.  Tony Snow will be the new press secretary.  For those of you keeping track, George W. Bush’s approval rating are at an all time low!  32 Percent approval.  Maybe things aren’t going well in Iraq?  Oh yeah, and how much more am I going to pay for gas?

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New Star Trek Movie in 2008

Not only will we have a new president in 2008 (thank God), but we nerds of the world will also be blessed with a new Star Trek movie.  The new movie sounds like it is going to be show us earlier years of Kirk and Spock.  A good thing about this movie is that it will not be under the direction of Rick Berman, a man who many Trekies (myself included) think has damaged the Star Trek franchise.  Let’s see what ’08 brings!

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Why Rumsfield Won’t Resign.

Donald, our favorite incompitent head of the U.S. Armed Forces, is under fire.  Multiple retired generals, including generals who commanded soldiers in Iraq, have called for his resignation.  George, true to form, today said that he has full faith in Donald. 

This is classic Bush administration policy.  When someone does a bad job, you reward and retain that individual.  The Sec of Defense is in a very interesting position.  His position embodies what will become the lasting legacy of the administration, the Iraq war.  If Bush were to fire Rumsfield it would be a clear signal that things are not going well with the war in Iraq.  We all know that things are going great in Iraq!

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Delay falls!

Tom Delay is gone. If the election were held today the Democrats would re-take the house. The rule of the corrupt, lieing, and immoral Republicans seems to be coming to an end.

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My Ubuntu

I just completed a new installation of Ubuntu Drapper Drake (Flight 5). I am very happy with the minor customizations in the new version. In particular, I installed Compiz with XGL which adds a some good eye candy to Ubuntu. Linux is cool.

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