Month: May 2006

US to talk with Iran

Wow.  In a very realist move, the United States is suggesting that it is willing to have diplomatic talks with Iran.  The US has not had diplomatic relations with Iran since 1979.  Now Bush’s administration is realizing that they simply have no other options.  We are bogged down in Iraq and our credibility on the world stage is suspect.  While I don’t often agree with Bush, I am happy to see this responsible move.  I hope for our sake that we will be able to talk with Iran.  I fear that because of our actions in the Middle East, such talks may be useless.

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The trip turned out OK!

Well I was a bit premature in my assessment on the vacation. I actually had a very good time. I thought this picture I captured in Grand Junction was kind of silly.

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A not so good vacation

I am in Grand Junction, CO this morning.  My “vacation” is not going well.  It seems as if every time I try to get away from all that is home, I end up wanting to go home because the vacation is worse.  I really need to get some sort of excitement and joy back into my life when it comes to doing anything that is not routine. 

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Shanze Continues Breaking the Law

In a probable effort to keep his name in the news, Dell Schanze (Superdell) flew a paraglider dangerously close to I-15 near Draper, Utah. Police in Draper are considering to press charges. I encourage the Draper police to pursue Dell. I only want to hear news about Dell that is bad news. Some day Dell is going to “accidentally” kill someone in Utah. Will someone please stop that bastard?

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The Phone Company that stood up to Bush

For those of you fortunate enough to live in the Intermountain West and the Nortwest, be thankful that your phone company believes in the constitution.  Qwest told the Bush administration that it would not share information about phone activity of its subscribers.  Now I am by no mean a fan of Qwest. The company has has a storied past and has not always dealt with its employees in fair ways.  I do believe that Qwest should be applauded for its latest action.  The protection of Liberty is central to the operation of of democracy.  Domestic surveylence undermines the very trust and freedom that we the people give to the government.

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New Laptop New Comment

I am transferring all of my settings to a new laptop and I thought I would give my old blog a try.  The new laptop is fully compatible with the blog, as it is a computer than can run an operating system!  I also finally caught up on some of my old e-mail and found a WordPress Comment that stirred my interest.  It seems like someone claiming to be Dell Schanze aka “SuperDell,” posted a comment in an old post.  While this may be a prank, I have a feeling that this was actually a post by the right wing lunatic himself.  My assumption is that a poor and miserable Dell may be spending his extended unemployment searching Technorati for comments about is sorry ass.  I hope you had fun Dell, but we all think you are nuts, and a poor excuse for a business person.

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