Month: August 2006

Church Owned KSL Radio station tries to be hip.

KSL has a new “project” running from 7:00 PM to 12:00 PM on weeknights, titled the “Night Side Project.”  According to KSL this radio program is meant to appeal to 20 somethings, and cover things from their perspective.  I have listened a couple times and I am lukewarm.  It is clear that there are the conservative undertones that define KSL, but one can feel that there is an overt effort to make it appear more “hip.”  As a news junkie and a large consumer of radio I will give it a spin, but don’t expect the praises to come without merit.  It is no NPR.

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25 Minutes to Cease Fire?

I am performing some unscheduled maintenance at work and I have a couple minutes of downtime.  I just checked my watch and realized that the Israel / Lebanon war cease fire is in 25, make that 24 minutes away.  I really hope that this tinderbox of a war comes to an end in 23 minutes.  In 6 minutes I have to get back to work.
I really need to buy some more time.
I am currently listening to my iPod which is playing With Teeth.  This is the first time that I have attempted to play the album the whole way through.
3 Minutes left until I can get back to work, 3 more minutes of imaging. One minute.  Eighteen minutes until the hopeful end of the war.

Let’s pray it ends.

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Lamon Wins, Holy Joe vows to keep running.

I am so sick and tired of Joe Lieberman. First and foremost this man supported and continues to support the war in Iraq. Due to his support of the war and aparent hard on for President Bush, the Democrats in Connecticut chose to elect a real Democrat. Now Lieberman is pressing forward with plans to run as an independent. What a sore looser. Joe continues to put his political career before everything else, even the will of the electorate.

Remember in 2000 when Joe insisted on running for both the Senate and Vice President? Joe knew that he would win at least one of those elections. And now, Joe just won’t give up. I think that in the next few weeks Joe will feel the wrath of public opinon turning against him. All of the cards are lined up for Ned Lamont. Joe’s days as a senator are over. The people will rally behind the Democratic nominee.

As for the rest of America: Make the warmongers in congress pay by sending them home.

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Go Ned Lamont

Today is the democratic primary in Connecticut!  I am so excited by the prospect that Joe Lieberman will finally get his punishment for supporting president Bush.  Go NED!

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