Month: October 2006

Can we win?

As election day draws near I wonder if we really can win.  I have a growing sense of pessimism. Maybe it is because I have seen so many losses by my party in my short era of being politically active, or maybe it is that old notion that it is just too good to be true.  As I look at the very recent history of our nation it seems very likely that the Democrats will win; the wind is at their back.  But the democrats face a very powerful opponent, while weak, should not be underestimated.  I sure hope that the Democrats win on November 7th.  I feel as if a democratic victory is the most healthy move our republic can make to preserve Democracy and Freedom.  However, I feel like it is just…. sometimes just a dream.

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Christian Burridge for Congress

I found this article in today’s Salt Lake tribune.  I thought it was very interesting how Dan Jones (my former professor ) noted that the south west portion of Salt Lake County has a growing group of individuals who are likely to vote Democratic.  This warms my heart in so many ways because it is the place that I call home.  While the old machine politician Chris Cannon will likely win, I really enjoy what Christian Burridge is doing in his race.  He is a solid moderate Democrat who is like the members of his district. Maybe it is time for me to burn a Chris Cannon sign and post it on YouTube!
Salt Lake Tribune – 3rd Congressional District: Dem challenger counting on the ‘X-Factor’

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the election

I am so excited for the possible Democratic victory.  I believe that is is becoming necessary that regardless of our political persuasions we elect a Democratic majority in both houses to check the power that George Bush has exerted into our political system.  One man should not have the power to suspend habeas corpus for any reasons he or she deems fit.  An administration should be accountable for its mistakes.

I am going to work at the polls on November 7.  Democracy is cool!

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NPR is free again.

I love NPR but I really hate the fund raisers.  Both of the local NPR stations had their semi annual fund raisers over the past two weeks.  I donated to KCPW, like the liberal hippie that I like to think I am.  But now I can’t stand it any more.  IT IS FINALLY OVER.  Thank the good Lord!

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War Crimes

This week we saw a “united” Republican party give the OK to Bush to torture detainees. A portion of this bill reportedly immunizes Bush and Cheney from being prosecuted as war criminals for past offenses. What is going on here ladies and gentleman? Do we have a monarch who is above the law? Is this still America? Are we still free? Does the constitution apply? How can we grant all of these powers to one man? I think we need to rejuvenate democracy in the United States first before we spread this mess around the Middle East. Democracy is threatened by this administration. The rule of law needs to be fairly applied to all.

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