Month: January 2007

Beryl and Vista, Eyecandy City

Today is Microsoft’s “big day.”  After over 5 years they are releasing their new desktop operating system.  Vista is much more of an evolutionary than revolutionary upgrade.  I have been using the Business Edition of Vista since mid November, and aside from the Aero eycandy interface change and relocation of many settings I don’t really see too much that is new.  In the meantime the Linux folk have continued to  improve the eye candy offerings on that platform as well.  This morning I installed Beryl on my Ubuntu desktop and it looks pretty good.  I used compiz / xgl a while ago and it was pretty but buggy.  Beryl, which is a fork of the compiz project, seems to be a much more tight and slick project.

Who wins this eyecandy war.  I would have to give to the Beryl folk, as it seems like a much more natural fit.  One should note that OS X has had fun visual effects for years.

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Dress Code

I really love a friendly dress code.  For seven days I had a not so friendly dress code, but that came to pass. Don’t we all do a better job when we are comfortable?

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Romney wears flip flops

Let me start off by saying that I kind of like Mitt Romney.  I think he is an ok leader who has skills that could make him an effective president.  If you have been following Mitt’s quest to be president you will note that there are an awful lot political positions that he is changing in an attempt to woo Republican voters.  A recent story in the Boston Globe highlighted Romney’s change on the gun control issue.  MITT:  Don’t let the republicans take your North Eastern progressive values away from you.  A truly moderate Republican would be a very good thing to have in the 2008 election.  Unfortunately Mitt and McCain seem to be swinging to the right.

I guess I’ll have to support Obama!

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What will next week be like?

I just looked at my calendar and it looks as if I have a semi-busy week ahead. I ended last week in a productive way. I cleaned up my desk at home and at work which rarely, if ever, happens. While this is a relatively small action it tends to go a long way for me. When the little things are clean the larger things just work better. I hope for a good week!  What a boring post.

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Democrats Are In Control

Nancy Pelosi

Oh yes it is sweet and awesome to see democracy in action.  I really am happy to see the Democrats back in power.  Lets keep our eye on Pelosi and company to make sure that they put America back on track!

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