Month: June 2008

I hurt myself

I was running up a basketball court, when I jumped on a chair, attempted an awesome shot, and failed miserably.  Now I have a sprained ankle, in a lot of pain, and I can barely walk.  So much for being awesome.

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Tim Russert

Virtually every Sunday for 10 years I have woke up on Sunday mornings, tuned in to NBC, and enjoyed an hour of political discussion.  Part of it was a love for politics itself, but another part was seeing what Tim Russert would ask.  I am going to miss having him host Meet the Press.

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Paul JD Update

Here is the latest:

— We are expecting a Baby in January, I’m very excited — Sister Just had a baby Boy — Happy about Obama Clincing the nomination — Excited for new iPhone

One strange thing has happened recently.  I have been in e-mail contact with my a direct biological ancestor– my father.  The last time I saw my dad was when I was three or four.  For virtually all of my life I have barely paid any attention to the fact that I had a father that was alive.  There was no actual contact between my father and any member of my family for nearly 15 years.  He did call my mom a couple times a few years before she died, but these were rare conversations of little substance and I took little interest.  I essentially didn’t have a dad, and I really didn’t care.

A couple months ago he called my sister, probably thinking he was going to get in touch with my mother.  I called him back and began a dialog.  He did not know that my mother passed away in 2004.  We have been in contact since.

I hate to sound bitter, because I genuinely am not bitter, but I don’t really feel a longing for my dad.  He was not a part of my life, and I don’t feel like my life suffered because of it.  I have had the best life anyone could hope for.  Now, at a very young age, I fell blessed with most things that anyone would want in life.  I have a loving wife, and a beautiful daughter, and we live in general happiness.  Life is not perfect, but it is pretty darn good.

Communicating with my father is interesting, but I don’t feel any deep emotions associated with it.  It is strange to think however, that there is a whole life lived which has a connection to mine that I know very little about.

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Democratic Rules Committee Meeting

While I don’t think the delegations should have been seated from either Florida or Michigan (because there delegations were clearly punished and all campaigns agreed to not play in each state), I am able to accept the decision to seat half of the delegations.  I am very upset to see how Hillary’s supporters are crying foul.  How can you legitimately say that the vote in Michigan was fair.  Hillary essentially ran against uncommitted.  There was no campaign there, there was no Obama on the ballot!  But Hillary, in true form, believes that the full delegation should be seated.  Her campain agreed not to contend in Michigan. As soon as it became politically expedient for her vote total she moved the goal post and started the “count every vote” movement.

PLEASE QUIT NOW HILLARY, don’t loose this one for America.

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Microsoft software takes forever to install…

So I am playing with a test environment of Windows 2008 Server / Exchange / Sharepoint.  After obtaining all the media, I find that there are a million dependencies.  The time it takes to install a functional system, meeting all necessary requirements, is insane.  Why can’t we have Microsoft provide a package manager similar to YUM or APT that could just get things done?

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