Month: August 2008

I made it to invesco field

I saw the Obama speech in person. It was awesome.

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In Denver

Well I made it. First stop is union station. The Union Pacific Railroad has some cool trains here. MSNBC has setup shop here as well.

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On my way to Denver

I am going to Denver for a quick one day visit to the site of the Democratic National Convention. I did not get my “community credentials,” but I am extremely interested to witness the mayhem. I am very excited to be in close proximity to the next president of the united states: Barack Obama.

I will post pictures here as I take them.


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Life goes on.

Well it is sunday and nearly 7 P.M., which means the weeked is officially over.  I am however, extremely excited for the Democratic Convention that will consume me this week.  Sure this is a carefully staged commercial for the Democratic Nominee Barack Obama, but that is excactally what I want.

Life has been going good.  Since we returned from Vegas two weeks ago Starla had her 4th brithday.  Work has continued at a steady pace, and we have painted our master bed room.  Just another couple days in suburban America for the Dayton’s.

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More Pictures

Here are more pictures.

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Vegas Picture Stream

This post will have an updated array of pictures from my trip to Vegas.





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In Vegas

We made it to Las Vegas at 9 pm local time. Starla is very excited to be at what she calls “Las Begas.” My first good omen, gas is a mere 3.83 a gallon!


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Getting Ready for the trip

My family and I will be traveling to Las Vegas tomorrow to attend a Star Trek convention. With our recent move, Mandy’s pregnancy, and my new job we have really needed a vacation. I can’t wait to go.

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The Mullet in Spanish Fork

Mandy and I play a game specific to our new home town. The game goes like this: Spot someone in touch with their redneck sense. Ever since we moved to Spanish Fork we have noticed an unusually high number of redneck / country folk. Today’s sighting includes a well molded mullet procuring beer at Albertsons.


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We survived church

We went to the old Mountain View 2nd ward in Payson today to see my nephew’s blessing.



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