Month: December 2008

A very Starla Christmas

Starla got a digital camera for Christmas.  It is a Fisher Price model, so naturally top of the line.  Here is one of the greatest pictures ever taken of me:

Greatest Picture Ever of Paul

Greatest Picture Ever of Paul

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Redneck Christmas

It is 9:30 on Christmas Eve. Where are the rednecks in Payson, Utah? Getting beer at the Flying J.

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Sometimes I hate computers

I had a personal server crash today. I was able to recover, but the time it took really messed with my balance. Down with the machines!

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My own personal hell

I love my family and I love being home with Mandy, Starla, and Miles. I am generally ok with shopping, but I hate shopping at Wal-Mart. The lines are long and the people are plenty. The lines are so long that I have plenty of time to blog while in line.

Oh yeah: the company is pure evil. The close proximity to home and today’s time constraints forced me here. I will repent of my sins when I get home.

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Family Update

Miles is feeling a lot better. Today he began bottle feeding at the ICU. I will be dropping by this evening for his second bottle feeding.

Mandy got sick this morning. We are both now at her doctor’s office where she is getting the IV treatment along with some heavy duty antibiotics.

If all goes well on both fronts we may be a whole family at home by the end of the week 🙂 .

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Miles is born

Four weeks early, 7.5 lbs, and 19 inches. He will be in the newborn intensive care unit for a while, hopefully he will come home soon. Mandy is good but worn out :-).

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Kickin it at the hospital

Tonight I am at the hospital with Mandy and Starla and potentially, just maybe, Miles in a couple hours. We don’t know if Mandy is in labor yet, but the hospital staff is keeping an eye on her.

I’ll let you know when Dayton kid number 2 comes.

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