Month: January 2009

Buy my iPhone

Thanks to someone reminidng me, I still have a first gen iphone that I have been too lazy to sell. Buy it today on Craig’s List


I sold it 19 minutes after I posted it. Goodtimes.

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Obama impresses

I have been extremely happy to see President Obama in action.  It feels as if we have a leader who is actively engaged in the issues of our country.

Here are a couple examples of things that I have been impressed by:

  1. Active action by the administration to stop Citi Group from purchasing a $50 million dollar jet.
  2. Direct engagement with the Republican party on the stimulus bill.  While the Republicans still voted against the stimulus package, I believe Obama is building a strong foundation with his Republican counterparts.  Very unique for Washington.
  3. Swift action on closing Guantanamo Bay.  A plan still is necessary, but the action item is clear.
  4. Strong foreign policy messages, including a lack of the old cowboy diplomacy of Bush.  It is good to the administration reach out to Islamic nations in a civil way.
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I just can’t wait

Only a couple more days until President Obama takes office.  I am so excited for our country to take a new direction.

His election has restored my faith in our country.

I am excited to see the symbolism and ceremony surrounding this historical inauguration.  I am so happy that I can be alive during this time in US history.

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I would have to say that the snuggie is the finest product I have ever purchased.

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I miss college

Starla and I are at the University of Utah. We came here to have her leg checked following her femur break 18 months ago.

I really miss the time in my life when all time was dedicated to learning. Perhaps it is time for grad school :-).

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Way too cold

It is too cold to go back to work.

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My old school, the University of Utah, just completed an unfefeated season with a victory in the Sugar Bowl. Oh yeah!!!

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We finally got out

Mandy has been home virtually ever since Miles was born. Today we got out as a full family. Mandy loves her Ikea

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