Month: July 2009

On the way to the UK

I just landed in Chicago. 4 hour layover on my way to London.

Mandy: I miss you dearly. I can’t wait to see you in a week.

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Palin the quitter

I am trying to figure out why Sarah Palin is resigning at the end of her term. A very common believe, before and after the announcement, is that she wants to run for president in 2012. From my vantage point this decision makes a 2012 run impossible. When you run for president you run of the record of your previous office… if you can’t complete a term of office, what do you have to run on.

It became clear to many Palin confidants that she was not going to run for a second term, well before this press conference. What surprised many was her end of month resignation. Palin tried to explain it by saying that she didn’t want to be a lame duck for the rest of her term, so she just quit. What boggles my mind is that she could have easily played a little politics and concealed her plans for the future until later in her term of office. It is just a very strange move to quit.

There has to be some other shoe that is going to drop here. If there isn’t, then Palin is simply a piss poor leader who quits when the going gets tough. Does anyone out there really believe that Palin could lead the nation. Would she quit in her third year of her presidential term because the press or congress was going to investigate her. Palin: you’re pathetic.

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