Month: July 2011

Concern for the Senate

If you follow Utah politics you know that Jason Chaffetz has all but declared his candidacy for the US Senate. He would be going up against 7 term incumbent Orrin Hatch for the GOP nomination. I’m concerned about the possibility of a “Senator Chaffetz.” First off, I don’t think his strict tea party orthodoxy is what this nations needs. Secondly, I have a an issue with Chaffetz the politician. Ever since he was able to stage a coup in the 2008 Republican convention I have been very wary of him.

Chaffetz truly is a master politician, but he is not a master of conventional general elections. Chaffetz knows how to play Utah’s unique caucus system. In so doing he was almost able to win the nomination at the convention outright, without need for a primary. And in Utah, more often than not, when you win the Republican nomination, you win the general election.

By taking advantage of the caucus system Chaffetz is only accountable to the 1700 or so Republicans who are delegates to that convention. He has no interest in serving the greater needs of the people of Utah… because so few of those people participate in actually selecting him as a nominee. And unfortunately in Utah general elections are often a rubber stamp on the Republican parties caucus / primary process.

It is for this reason that I am seriously considering moving my party affiliation to Republican. I am sick and tired of being excluded from the political process in Utah. I may not be in line with the politics of Utah’s Republican party, but I do align with many of the political ideals of the people of Utah. My goal for 2012 is to be a delegate from my precinct. Which party? To be determined.

Posted by Paul