Month: October 2015

Star Wars Tickets

Last night Miles couldn’t get over telling me how awesome the new Start Wars trailer was.

So I sized the opportunity to buy tickets early, as we are obviously going as soon as possible given Miles’ complete requirement that he experience everything the Star Wars Universe has to offer.  I bought tickets from, but unfortunately it took me an hour to verify that my transaction had actually been processed because all their page would offer is a 503 server unavailable error.  I’m thrilled our transaction actually worked, and am excited to take Miles to his first Star Wars premier a day early.  Should be good times.

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Another post

Wow I have let this blog languish for a very long time. I’m going back to my old tricks and I’m going to have a wonderful promise of keeping this up to date. I’m 90 percent sure I will not live up to this promise, but we all have dreams. 

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