5 Years Ago

5 Years ago I graduated from High School.  Last night I attended my 5 year re-union.  One thought that I continued to have throughout the evening was that I was in the twilight zone.  It felt so strange to see so many faces in the same room that I used to associate with every day.  In many ways I felt a sense of closure… a strange sense because it came where I didn’t feel like I was needing a sense of closure.  I guess the sense came in knowing that so many of my peers are experiencing the same things that I am: growing up, finishing school, taking care of a family.  I had a surprisingly good time, and I even made a video for the event.


Did you take any pictures? I’d like to see some since I was unable to attend. I WILL attend the 10 year reunion for sure. Also, I’d like to see the video you made for the event. Maybe upload it to YouTube, or Google Video? That would be sweet.

I think Paul had a far better time than he should have. It was merely an ok event. Knowing now how it actually was, I wouldn’t feel bad had I didn’t go. Well, maybe just a little.
Paul and I (I did the video too) discussed puting the video on Youtube, however you can only upload a 10 minute video unless you are a “director”. Not sure if Google Video has a limit. The video runs about 25 minutes.
You better be to the next one, Sage!

Why wait 5 years, come to “Zion” sometime soon. I only had a far better time than I should have because Jake wore such a sexy tie. What sort of limits does google video have?

I’ve looked all over video.google.com, and I cannot find any length-restriction, or file size restriction. The closest thing I could find was at


“We accept AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, Real, and Windows Media. Learn more.
If your video file is over 100 MB, please use the desktop uploader.
No copyrighted or obscene material.”

There are some format guidelines at


“If possible, we suggest uploading the original source file. However, we recommend the specifications below for maximum quality and reasonable file size:

* MPEG4 (mp3 or mp4 audio) at 2 mbps
* MPEG2 (mp3 or mp4 audio) at 5 mbps
* 30 frames per second
* 640×480 resolution
* 4:3 frame
* de-interlace ”

All you apparently need is a google login.

So upload teh dam vid alredy!

Get on it Paul. Lazy bastard.

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