Can Paul Be Saved

Some days I feel as if I am a hopeless drone in a world of repetitious change. It gets me to thinking: I wonder if God approves of all the time I spend away from home. I guess making money is a good cause, but is it holy?

No one ever answered this question for me in my religious studies. My Mormon / Christian upbringing often left me with the literal impression that the love of money is the root of all evil. But when it came down to the practicing of that law, a lot of people in my congregation had some totally awesome, expensive toys.

Making money feels good. It enables individuals a method by which to acquire goods and services. In a purely fair and equal world we would only acquire what we need. Some individuals practice only acquiring what we need, but most consume more than is necessary. I know that I am included in this questionable bunch.

I don’t think acquiring money is holy. It is always necessary, but the cost that we pay for money far too often distracts us from the investment of our soul.

How is that for a hippy rant?