Maryland lawmakers approve Wal-Mart health care bill

CNN – Wal-Mart Health Bill

Sweet! A Democratic legislature in Maryland is now forcing Wal-Mart to spend 8 percent of its revenue on health care. This is a good thing for low income families who are employed by Wal-Mart. It is no secret that a very large health care provider for Wal-Mart employees is Medicaid. This bill will force Wal-Mart to pay it’s fair share of health care costs. This is also good for the middle class in Maryland who will no longer be required to pay (via taxes) health care costs that Wal-Mart refuses to pay to it working poor employees.

Hats off to the Democratic legislature in Maryland. I will lobby our Utah legislature on the same issue.

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I Wage Slave

For probably another 30 years I will continue as I am now. Working for others, producing products (services). I will receive money for my services, but that is all. When I am no longer necessary I will be “let go,” for the next lowest bidder. Do you think this is how God wants life to be?

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