Happiness factor is much higher

I have been enjoying my life much more lately.  I attribute my good feelings primarily to one event — getting a new job.  In comparison, my new job is much better than my old one. 

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I’m Out

I resigned from my current job this week.  🙂

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Where to go from here?

Sometimes I just feel as if I am attempting to do to many little things in life and I am not taking a step back to see the bigger picture.  Tonight I went with Mandy and Starla to the Clarke Planetarium to see a presentation at the dome theater.  The show was about distant planets in other solar systems.  My mind started to wander as I watched the show,  I thought to myself “Why don’t I still feel the sense of wonder anymore with my life.”  Has it become too mundane to matter much?  Am I really doing what i should be doing?  How do I enrich things more?

I know I can’t continue doing the same thing that I am doing forever.  The time for change is coming.  As to what that change will be and how I will execute it, I have only begun to work on the details.

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Back at work.

I just had a long weekend of virtual work with painting some walls in my house.  Now I am back to the day job.  Check out my video rant:

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Today is the greatest day.

Have you ever noticed that Saturday is always much better than the rest of those days on the week.  Saturday is a day truly dedicated to the individual that lives that day.  Gone are the burdens of work (for the most part).  Come to stay, for the day, are the joys of doing something that you want.  It is 7:45 in beautiful South Jordan and I am ready to take the day the same way I take my medicine, with a humble heart and a contrite spirit.

Today is date night with Mandy.  I love Mandy!

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Dress Code

I really love a friendly dress code.  For seven days I had a not so friendly dress code, but that came to pass. Don’t we all do a better job when we are comfortable?

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What will next week be like?

I just looked at my calendar and it looks as if I have a semi-busy week ahead. I ended last week in a productive way. I cleaned up my desk at home and at work which rarely, if ever, happens. While this is a relatively small action it tends to go a long way for me. When the little things are clean the larger things just work better. I hope for a good week!  What a boring post.

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12 Hours Yesterday

Yesterday I was at work for 12 hours.  The strange thing is it felt like 4 hours.  I must be getting old.

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Maryland lawmakers approve Wal-Mart health care bill

CNN – Wal-Mart Health Bill

Sweet! A Democratic legislature in Maryland is now forcing Wal-Mart to spend 8 percent of its revenue on health care. This is a good thing for low income families who are employed by Wal-Mart. It is no secret that a very large health care provider for Wal-Mart employees is Medicaid. This bill will force Wal-Mart to pay it’s fair share of health care costs. This is also good for the middle class in Maryland who will no longer be required to pay (via taxes) health care costs that Wal-Mart refuses to pay to it working poor employees.

Hats off to the Democratic legislature in Maryland. I will lobby our Utah legislature on the same issue.

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I Wage Slave

For probably another 30 years I will continue as I am now. Working for others, producing products (services). I will receive money for my services, but that is all. When I am no longer necessary I will be “let go,” for the next lowest bidder. Do you think this is how God wants life to be?

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