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Palin the quitter

I am trying to figure out why Sarah Palin is resigning at the end of her term. A very common believe, before and after the announcement, is that she wants to run for president in 2012. From my vantage point this decision makes a 2012 run impossible. When you run for president you run of the record of your previous office… if you can’t complete a term of office, what do you have to run on.

It became clear to many Palin confidants that she was not going to run for a second term, well before this press conference. What surprised many was her end of month resignation. Palin tried to explain it by saying that she didn’t want to be a lame duck for the rest of her term, so she just quit. What boggles my mind is that she could have easily played a little politics and concealed her plans for the future until later in her term of office. It is just a very strange move to quit.

There has to be some other shoe that is going to drop here. If there isn’t, then Palin is simply a piss poor leader who quits when the going gets tough. Does anyone out there really believe that Palin could lead the nation. Would she quit in her third year of her presidential term because the press or congress was going to investigate her. Palin: you’re pathetic.

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How Dayton and Obama are similar

I know this post is kind of silly, but I have been thinking about how Obama’s life story seems so real to me.  The reality of his story is evident to me because we share a similar family history.

  • Both raised in single parent homes.  My father left when I was three, and in similar fashion to Obama, I feel like I was shaped more by him not being there.
  • Mixed Racial Heritage.  My mother was white, and my father was Hispanic.  The name on my birth certificate is Paul Benitez, which clearly identifies my Hispanic roots.  When I was 12, years after the my mother’s divorce, we changed my name to the present Paul Jones Dayton.  Dayton was my mother’s maiden name, while Jones was my grandmother’s maiden name.
  • Close relationship with grandmother.  My grandma was like a second mom, or in some ways, similar to a father.
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Obama raises more money in Utah than McCain

What is going on, this is awesome.  Even though folks in Utah will not support Obama in the election, it is awesome to see that more presidential political donations, in terms of dollars, are going towards Obama.  Utah is making me proud in its own way.

The Salt Lake Tribune has an interesting application that allows you to search for donations to the Presidential candidates here.

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My wife brokers a deal with McCain

The McCain campaign sent me a letter today asking for money.  While I have been a regular donor to Barak Obama’s campaign, I have not considered donating to McCain.  Sweet Mandy was looking out for John by donating the following:

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Mormon Repellent

While I have not seen any scientific studies I am going to assume that Barack Obama is not very popular in my hometown of Spanish Fork.  As such, I must post the question, am I turning people away from myself by posting my support of the Senator from Illinois in front of my house?

What about if I put the an Obama sticker on my vehicle?  Do you think the Spanish Fork folk will give me at least a couple cudos if the sticker is on a truck?

The Barack Obama sign in front of my Spanish Fork Utah house.
The Barack Obama sign in front of my Spanish Fork Utah house.
Trucks are essential to the Spanish Fork way of life.

Trucks are essential to the Spanish Fork way of life.

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Corporate Welfare

Well this has been a very interesting week in the economy.  It has seen the end of two prominent Wall Street investment banks, and the bailout of the nation’s largest insurer.  Gee wiz, tough times on wall street.  Who comes in as the savior for these corporations?  You guessed it, the United States government.

I guess you don’t qualify for welfare unless you are a very wealthy corporation which heavily leverages yourself with unsafe investments.  That’s the welfare that the Republicans support.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind a welfare check — but I guess I am not rich enough.

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On my way to Denver

I am going to Denver for a quick one day visit to the site of the Democratic National Convention. I did not get my “community credentials,” but I am extremely interested to witness the mayhem. I am very excited to be in close proximity to the next president of the united states: Barack Obama.

I will post pictures here as I take them.


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Life goes on.

Well it is sunday and nearly 7 P.M., which means the weeked is officially over.  I am however, extremely excited for the Democratic Convention that will consume me this week.  Sure this is a carefully staged commercial for the Democratic Nominee Barack Obama, but that is excactally what I want.

Life has been going good.  Since we returned from Vegas two weeks ago Starla had her 4th brithday.  Work has continued at a steady pace, and we have painted our master bed room.  Just another couple days in suburban America for the Dayton’s.

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Democratic Rules Committee Meeting

While I don’t think the delegations should have been seated from either Florida or Michigan (because there delegations were clearly punished and all campaigns agreed to not play in each state), I am able to accept the decision to seat half of the delegations.  I am very upset to see how Hillary’s supporters are crying foul.  How can you legitimately say that the vote in Michigan was fair.  Hillary essentially ran against uncommitted.  There was no campaign there, there was no Obama on the ballot!  But Hillary, in true form, believes that the full delegation should be seated.  Her campain agreed not to contend in Michigan. As soon as it became politically expedient for her vote total she moved the goal post and started the “count every vote” movement.

PLEASE QUIT NOW HILLARY, don’t loose this one for America.

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