Star Trek

In Vegas

We made it to Las Vegas at 9 pm local time. Starla is very excited to be at what she calls “Las Begas.” My first good omen, gas is a mere 3.83 a gallon!


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Getting Ready for the trip

My family and I will be traveling to Las Vegas tomorrow to attend a Star Trek convention. With our recent move, Mandy’s pregnancy, and my new job we have really needed a vacation. I can’t wait to go.

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Star Trek Convention

Mandy and I are in Las Vegas at the Star Trek Convention.   I know it is geeky, but we are having a good time.  Yesterday we got our pictures with Brent Spiner.  Today we will get to see Nimoy and Shatner.  Check out Mandy’s comments on the convention. 

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New Star Trek Movie in 2008

Not only will we have a new president in 2008 (thank God), but we nerds of the world will also be blessed with a new Star Trek movie.  The new movie sounds like it is going to be show us earlier years of Kirk and Spock.  A good thing about this movie is that it will not be under the direction of Rick Berman, a man who many Trekies (myself included) think has damaged the Star Trek franchise.  Let’s see what ’08 brings!

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