Randy Boothe for Utah State School Board District 13

Randy Boothe for Utah State School Board District 13

I want to express my deep support for Randy Boothe for Utah State School Board District 13. Randy has been an exemplary member of the School Board, consistently prioritizing education and the well-being of our students. On the other hand, I have significant concerns about Cari Bartholomew. While I don’t doubt that Cari genuinely cares about Utah kids, her focus on culture war issues like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is problematic. Her discourse often seems to blame teachers and the public education system for children’s mental health issues and overlooks the various ways schools support our children, including mental health.

Additionally, Cari lacks credentials in education. She does not have a teaching degree and appears distrustful of those who do. While I agree that parents should have a say in education and that a degree is not a prerequisite for input, Cari fails to understand the importance of teacher credentials. These standards ensure teachers have the necessary expertise and deep understanding required for effective education. Cari’s approach suggests a bypassing of these essential requirements, which is concerning for the future of our education system.

Cari is suspect of public education. While I have no animosity towards those who homeschool their children, I have legitimate concerns about those who opt out of public education but seek to influence it. It is unquestionable that we face many challenges in our institutions today. Our institutions are vital to our society, providing strength and legitimacy. Yes, they need reform, and individuals like Randy Boothe take a measured and methodical approach to this. I fear that someone like Cari would instead seek to completely tear down these institutions rather than reform them, potentially leaving our children without the support of a robust education system.

Cari talks about not lowering the bar for educational standards, but she is also suspect of the well-developed history we have of producing quality educators through our colleges and universities. Why wouldn’t we want a well-educated educational workforce?

Furthermore, Cari supports school choice, stating, “I am a proponent of School Choice as long as the steps are taken to prevent government regulation.” My concern with this stance is that taxpayer money used for school choice needs accountability to the taxpayers. Government oversight is essential to ensure this accountability, and Cari’s position seems to endorse giving a free pass to anyone claiming to be an educator without proper oversight.

Cari also seems overly focused on DEI and SEL, treating them as pervasive problems in our schools when they are not. It often feels like all roads lead to DEI and SEL with Cari Bartholomew, which distracts from addressing more pressing educational issues.

Randy Boothe, with his extensive experience and dedication, remains the best choice to ensure quality education for all students in District 13. Let’s support Randy Boothe for another term on the Utah State School Board. Please vote for Randy Boothe before June 25 in the Republican Primary Election.

Posted by Paul in Payson, utah

Max Hall is Crap

First you win the game, and then you crap all over your victory.  Yes, Brigham Young University (commonly known as the BYU) has produced another awesome chapter in the annual holy war: soon to be ex quarterback Max Hall.  His statement is as follows: “I don’t like Utah, in fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, I hate their fans, I hate everything.”

Obviously such comments are going to release a firestorm of criticism and support in a rivalry as heated as BYU v Utah. Indeed the back and forth between the BYU / Utah fans has gone on all week.  What I find most surprising about the statement is not the content itself, but who said it.  Max is a leader of their team, and in very many respects, the public face of BYU’s football program.  For someone in such a position to make such a blatant statement is unacceptable.  Just imagine if everyone similarly placed made such statements.  It is very childish, and it shows a complete lack of control over ones emotions.

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