“God Fearing” Bush is still popular in Provo Utah

The New York Times ran an article today talking about my original home town and it’s love for George W. Bush. Out of the whole United States there are only three states where at least half of the folk still believe W is doing a good job, and sadly I live in one of those places. The article profiled people’s opinions in Provo, where despite low approval for Bush’s handling of key policy issues, the majority of people still support Bush. There is one key reason that Utahns support Bush; he is “good with God.” While George Bush might not be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my fellow Utahns just can’t get enough of the “religious president Bush.” I really wish I could understand why they still support Bush.  Ask a few LDS, Bush supporters in Utah if they agree with President Bush’s immigration policy, and strong majority would split with George. Go a step further, and ask Utahns if they enjoy the role the Republican Administration plays in their life and they would flat out detest the policies of the executive branch of the Federal government. Yet their support for Bush is strong. Utahns are very bright people, but when it comes to politics we Utahns vote our hearts and not our minds…I tend to vote my mind, but then again I am not the model Mormon ;-).