Good Morning 2006

Well I have completed the first day of 2006.  I am looking forward to a new year.  Tuesday will be the big first day of the year at work.  I have a sense that a lot will change this year at work.  As to what direction things may go I am not quite sure.  In guessing that things will change at work I am not really going out on a limb.  Things have all-ready changed a great deal, and in my opinion, the jury is still out on the lasting effects of 2005’s change.

On a completely different note, I am really liking Word Press.  If I just want to blog, word press provides me with all of the tools that I need to make an effective blog.  I should also note that I don’t want to give up on a more robust Content Management Solution.  My boss has been playing with Mambo and he appears to have had a great level of success.   Perhaps will spring up with a similar test when I get around to it.