Hail to Daylight Savings

I hate going home when it is cold, and dark. For this reason I look forward with great anticipation to the coming switch from standard time to daylight savings time. If I could have my way we would be DST every day of the year.

Utah seems like the most ideal place for this switch, given our location in relation to the rest the time zones in the United states. The Pacific Time Zone is around 100 miles east of the Wasatch Front, so when DST comes and we have the long summer months, daylight lasts for a long time, as the sun is just beginning its journey out of Mountain Time zone.

I’ve had this thought on my mind for a while, but until I started writing
this I never thought about proving it out. A quick google search proves this to be true.

Here are sun rise and sunset times as of today.

Denver may get light earlier, but who cares, it gets dark earlier.

In good old Provo, Utah the sun sets later, giving Paul Jones Dayton the late light that he loves.

Daylight Savings Time: I salute you.