I am sick and tired of homophobic Mormons

Chris Buttars is at it again, comparing homosexuals to radical muslims.  Why do the people of West Valley and South Jordan elect this type of person.  Could it be that they support such crazy ideas too?

Last year Chris Buttars refered to a bill in the legislature as a black baby, an “ugly black baby.”  What the hell is up with this?  I thought the church was over institutional racism.  This guy used to be a Bishop in the LDS church?

Now I am sure there are those who would say that an individual member of the LDS Church do not speak for the Church, and in fairness Buttars does not represent an offical position in the LDS Church.  However, I remember this little concept they used to teach me in sunday school: “Every member a Missionary.”  By virtue of Buttars political position, and his known history for offensive statements, he should be much more cognisant of what he says.  If Buttars is a missionary, he is a piss poor one.