I want to upgrade.

It has been a while since I have upgraded my computer and I feel like the time is right — right now.  I have been wanting to go to an intel core 2 duo processor for quite some time.  The price for the Intel E6600 is about $220. It just seems like the time is right.  However, I have plenty of computing power and I don’t really need to upgrade.  What should I do?


Buy an upgrade for Jake. You’ll feel good about it.

I believe you should buy a donkey. They make great pets, and it will completely ail all of the computing plights that have befallen you. Have you tried prayer? I hear Jesus is one of the world’s best overclockers; if anyone can advise you, it’s the spirit in the sky. Lastly, you already have an AM2 board; the 6000 performs the same as the E6600? This makes more sense to me?

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