Jacob v Cannon

Cannon, I am probably more concerned about John Jacob.  Jacob who is challenging Cannon in the June Republican primary has made this election about illegal immigration.  Jacob is capitalizing on a growing anti-immigrant attitude that pervades Utah.  John Jacob is a single issue candidate who is on the wrong side of that issue, as he just wants to put his head in the ground, close the borders, and forget about dealing with the real problems of illegal immigration.

 On the other side of things, Jacob’s detractors are not doing a very good job of defaming him.  Some one posted a link to this neighbor of John Jacob.  David Liffereth accuses John Jacob of being a liberal because Jacob supports the arts and public utilities.  Liffereth also claims that, “As far as I have been able to determine, not a single Republican state delegate from Eagle Mountain (or Saratoga Springs where they know John very well also) voted for John at the State Republican conventions.”  If this is the best case that one can make not to support a candidiate, I am not convinced.  Look at what John Jacob says, and how he compares to Chris Cannon.  Don’t base one’s popularity and political elect-ability on an informal straw poll of your LDS Ward.