Nebo School District Alternative Activities

This morning I was very shocked and surprised to see this story from KSL.  Aparently we can’t show a speech by the President in the United States without contraversy.

I wrote the following to Chris Sorensen, the district superintendent.  I look forward to a frank response.

I just spoke with Lana about the district’s decision not to show President Obama’s speech. She explained that the speech would not be shown because the district was unable to provide alternative activities and notification to the parents in time for the speech on Tuesday.

I find it very strange that we need to have alternative activities for a Presidential speech. It is not like this is an issue with moral implications. The simple fact that our community does not support the president politically is not a justification for such controversy. When I was attending Payson High School Chris Cannon spoke to students. No alternative activities were required during this speech.

I would like to know what the criterion are for an event requiring the district to provide alternative activities. Lana mentioned that permission is required for the maturation program (which I believe makes sense) but a Presidential speech will not have anything to do with sex.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Paul Dayton