January 18, 2020

Miles and I at the Springville Rec Center.

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Driving home from the Clyde Recreation Center today with Miles I couldn’t help but notice the political ads running on the freeway.  There was an ad for Spencer Cox with two bullet points:

  • Mediocre Farmer
  • Strong Conservative

I see Spencer Cox stuff all over the place, twitter, sports events, and his campaign tour bus.  Heck, one time I even saw him at the Walmart by my house.  Spencer Cox is a slick media operator, and his accessible ways might lead you to think he is more progressive than he is.

All of that aside, I remember back to the good old days in 2018 when I had a blip account and ran ads for my 2018 political campaign.  This year they have a sign more ideally located in Spanish Fork.  All of this lead me to concoct an idea to run a political ad for the good people of Spanish Fork.

This ad is simple, it has but one word: Impeached.  It also features our President, with his typical loud mouth opened. 

I’m running this ad for a few reasons. 

Being impeached is never anything to be proud of, only three presidents were impeached, and it is not the most desired club.

The other reason is to remind my fellow citizens that this president is the embodiment of chaos, and that that chaos is directly tied to the Grand Old Party, aka the Republican party. 

When voting most people care about the top of the ticket, and care very little about what comes down ballot.  If I can do anything to make people question what they are voting for on the top of the ticket then I can feel better about the change I’m making in society.

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