Romney continues to flip flop.

Mitt Romney was on This Week giving a lenghty interview to George Stephanopoulos.  I really want to like Mitt, but this interview painfully highlighted what an opourtunist Romney is.  In the Business world opourtunists are rewarded, and I really think that is fine.  In the political world we tend to want politicians who have personal integrity in their beliefs.  Ronmney was supportive of abortion and gay rights in past senatorial campaigns.  In my heart of hears, and this is a large assumption, Romney took a position during his Senate campaign that was against is personal beliefs.  He did this because of clear political opourtunities for himself.  Romney is genuinely honest about his position now, but he wasn’t then.  He did as the businessmen do, take advantage of opourtunities.  This is why Romney has recently joined the NRA.  Romney: I so wanted to support you in at least a minor way, but I may pull you off of my short list.

Here is a conservative point of view.