Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson PWNS Sean Hannity

It was a messy, nasty debate.  At times I could barely stand to watch, because of the disorder.  However, through the whole debate we saw a couple constant themes appear:

Rocky Anderson:  Stuck to the facts, attacked the president based on his facts.

Sean Hannity:  Attacked Rocky Anderson, called to “Support the Troops.” and avoided defending the president.

I wasn’t really surprised by the tone of the debate, however, I think Hannity may have been surprised by the veracity of the crowd.  The crowd was surprisingly about equally divided between supporters and skeptics of the war in Iraq.


Jake Waters

While I don’t agree with everything Rocky says, he sure showed more respect and integrity than Hannity. Rocky spoke first, presenting his side for the first 30 minutes. Then it was Hannity’s turn. The very first thing he wanted to do was start name calling and making unproductive statements about Rocky. I don’t think Rocky called Sean even one derogatory name during the whole debate, whereas, Sean called Rocky several things.
Verdict: Not a fan of Hannity. Rocky is gaining my support more and more each day.

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