Sick and tired of Palin

I am so sick and tired of Sarah Palin. This person is anything but a Maverick. She reminds me of the hard core conservatives of old. On all of her viewpoints she has a very right wing point of view. She has not shown a history of reaching across the isle.



Ugh. Excuse me.

She is a farce. Mayor of a town with less than 9000 people, govenor of a state with less than 700,000. If you look at the way she dressed while govenor of Alaska as opposed to what they did with her today, she went from flat shoes, short skirts and dowdy dressing to 2,500 dollar suits. She is indeed a silk purse out of a sows ear but she is indeed a sow. Her record for cruelty to animals far overshadows her having this last baby. Come off it a Soap Opera a pregnant 17yr old where the hell was she, I raised 3 children, put them through college, served in 2 wars and saw all of the world on my own money, my daughter did not get pregnant at 17. She is into herself bigtime. Is definately not well read nor traveled and by george you better believe you need to see the world, study and understand other people. I can see Russia from my backyard what the hell is that. My great grand spent his life in the Gulag came out blind and deaf, my grandfather ran an underground and was a Conculate for the Polish government, my mother grandfather and father were POWs for the duration of WWII. My father was in the Death March. So maybe I should be VP

God I am so much more qualified.

I’m glad people are pointing out her cruelty to animals. What kind of person can be a loving mother one second, and aerial hunting for wolves the next?
Is Trig hanging off her teet while she’s gunning down wild life? What a callous piece of shit. I hope that the Bush Doctrine applies next time she’s out being Elmer Fudd and some bear disembowels her.

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