So called President Trump

Trump is the President of the United States, and he has been so for over a month. What we all thought was completely unbelievable, what could never happen, is now our reality. Now that we’ve seen him as president we know that campaign Trump will not transition to a more mature and sober President Trump.

The last month feels like it has a choreographed attempt to overwhelm the American Public with absurd behavior, so much so that we will lulled into a sense of apathy when Trump does outrageous things.

To review just a handful of crazy things implemented by our Dear Leader:

  • The Travel Ban, hastily implemented, ultimately blocked by a court.
  • Communication with allies, terrible diplomacy, super sad.
  • New tweets that come early in the morning, with continuous insults and bluster.
  • An all-out assault on the media – claims that the media are an enemy of the American public.


I will not be silent, I will not support him, and I will not be driven to fatigue. I plan on attending every town hall I can, contacting my representatives. I plan on protesting, because if there is one thing that gets under this man’s skin it is seeing a mass assembly of people opposing him.