Wasting time deleting email

It seems like whenever I am on a plane and disconnected from the cloud all I can do is delete email. I become absorbed in the idea that once my computer reconnects with the precious Internet it will fire off a frenzy syncronization, ridding my email server of wasteful emails.

Oh the things we do when we are bored. Two rows up and to the left a kid has an old superman DVD playing. What I wouldn’t give to have that DVD right now, so I could hear the corny 1950s dialog.

In a related story dealing with my time wasting: The Wall Street Journal morning report podcast really sucks. Way to many smart ass cliches. It is kind of like watching Utah’s FOX 13 news at nine. At least you can laugh at FOX 13’s poor visual productions and mistakes.

I am bored. I need Mandy and the kids right now. I miss you guys.

Posted by Paul in Media, Personal