Health Reform Now

That’s right boys and girls, the time for health care reform has come. It is time for the individuals in this nation to demand health care for all.

First off I would like to apologize for the rambling structure of this post. I am Paul Jones Dayton, and I am pissed of at the state of health care in this country, so I am going to rant on my blog.

With untold millions who have just lost their jobs likely entering the ranks of the newly uninsured, and insured people in this country not necessarily covered for all conditions anyway, the time for change has finally come. With health care costs rising for employers, and many employers dropping benefits of all sorts…. reform time NOW.

I can’t stand hearing stories from individuals who have valid medical needs that are not covered by their plans. I can’t stand hearing about individuals who have no health care coverage, but nevertheless, work. I can’t stand hearing about how difficult it is to get medicaid or other state run health insurance plans. Something has to change now.

Every American deserves truly affordable health care. Businesses should not fear excessive health care costs that can completely overwhelm payrolls.

I don’t know how to fix things. I am partial to a single payer system, but that may not ultimately be the answer. I just know that things are very broken in this country, and it seems to be turning into more of a joke every day. It seems like the only people in this country who have no fear in this health care climate are the truly wealthy.

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