The Mormons — PBS Frotline / American Experience

Tonight the wife and I watched part one of “The Mormons,” a PBS documentary about the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It was a fairly interesting 2 hours that appeared to try to honestly be fair and balanced.  My great question is what did actual mormons think about this documentary?


Jake Waters

Aren’t you an actual Mormon?

Jake Waters

And why the hell do you never answer the phone when I call?

I am 50 percent mormon 50 percent free.

Jake Waters

um.. huh?

I still have 50 percent free space, kind of like a hard drive. What would you like to fill me with?

Jake Waters

Ah.. I see. You could fill it up with uber coolness, which means you’d be wanting to hang out with me more often. That would be fun.

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