The War on Holidays

Fundamentalist Christians are again taking up the holy fight agains those evil retailers out there who are referring to the season as the “Holidays” instead of refering to it as “Christmas.” Good morning, let me tell you something: WHO CARES? Besides, Christmas has always been about the mixing of different religious traditions. My particular christian denomination believes that Christ was born on April 6, more than three months after the traditional celebration of Christ’s birth. Why then is this holiday celebrated on December 25. Well there is a lesser know even that coincides with Christmas. WINTER SOLSTICE. Way back in the day our Eurasian ancestors celebrated a pagan holiday that included a massive light celebration. It was though that such a celebration would reverse the shortening of the days. Christians essentially assimilated this holiday into their religious calendar.

Today we have wacko Christian righty tighties who are just crazily defending everthing Christian. Does the friendly gesture “Happy Holidays” threaten your personal belief system? I can say with complete confidence that my faith in Christ remains unaffected by the “Happy Holidays” sign in my old home town of Payson.