Totally Awesome Fundamentalist Goes Out of Business

Dell Schanze, a likely mentally insane Mormon business man, announced on Friday that his business Totally Awesome computers is going out of business. I found this quote by dell: “It’s too bad that all of the media in Utah are liars and murderers,” he said. “You just destroyed the greatest computer company of all time. We were the best in the world, the world champion. All this hatred was created by you. You’re basically angels of Satan. All I can say to the people in Utah is, please pray for all the news people.”

I hate how this man invokes his religion. Some of those liars and murders are employed by KSL / Deseret News which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am surprised that the Utah media has enough power to destroy the “Greatest Computer Company in the World.”

Go to hell Dell Schanze! Quit blaming the media for your business failure.


Jake Waters

I used to think “Super Dell” was funny. I still do… But in a much different way. This time it is unintentionally funny.

After posting the story I started feeling bad for “Super Dell”. I think the man is mentall unstable. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that his store is closed, I just feel like he had a nervous breakdown or something.


Mentally insane people are the ones that kill others for strange reasons. I don’t even kill people that attack me. I have the right to defend myself and my daughter from 3 extremely angry road ragers armed with a lethal weapon. I also have a right to defend my property with anything less than lethal force. I was charged with something that isn’t against the law that they know darn well I didn’t even do and you call me mentally insane?? You are seriously sick!! The news calls them “concerned neighbors”. What is wrong with you??? Concerned neighbors don’t gang up on you, come at you cussing and swearing and pick up rocks and threaten to smash your lights in. I don’t care who employs or pays or owns the news people when you lie that bad you are a liar and that is all there is to it. Naturally they didn’t air the explination for the murder comment but what do you care about the truth??? You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself spewing hate and contention towards me without a clue in your head as to the reality of any of what you speak. Go to hell?? Quit blaming the media??? Hello??? What should I go to hell for?? Go ahead and try to name a sin that I’ve commited!! All the rocks you throw at others are going to be right there waiting to hit you after you die. I still love you though no matter how horrible you are to me.

[…] I am transferring all of my settings to a new laptop and I thought I would give my old blog a try.  The new laptop is fully compatible with the blog, as it is a computer than can run an operating system!  I also finally caught up on some of my old e-mail and found a WordPress Comment that stirred my interest.  It seems like someone claiming to be Dell Schanze aka “SuperDell,” posted a comment in an old post.  While this may be a prank, I have a feeling that this was actually a post by the right wing lunatic himself.  My assumption is that a poor and miserable Dell may be spending his extended unemployment searching Technorati for comments about is sorry ass.  I hope you had fun Dell, but we all think you are nuts, and a poor excuse for a business person. […]

I still love you Super Dale!! I don’t like suburbanites so I wish you would have taken one out..
I think you are the greatest!!! I hate the media too, especially those douches on Fox 13.. so I’m glad you said what you did!
You are totally awesome, Super Dale!!!

Dell Schanze:

Would Jesus drive a car over 50 MPH in a residential area where children were playing? Would Jesus use a lethal weapon to protect himself from “angry road ragers?” Did you think the people were going to kill you? Can you even put yourself in the shoes of the shoes of those Draper folks, who witnessed your crime of speeding as their children played meters away from your death machine car?

Oh yeah, and the tax issue. Didn’t Jesus say something about rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s? I don’t think that means evade your taxes.

Dell, the only reason I comment about you is because through your pocket book you brought yourself into my television and radio. You were an extreme character in the advertising world. I remember when you sang “Love at Home” on the radio, in an attempt to exploit our religion to sell computers; it made me sick.

Now that your time has come to pass, give it a rest. Get some help and find a new niche in life.

[…] “Dell Schanze’s” post on my website a couple days ago was aparently not unique. Check out more of his dilusional rants on this site where Dell accuses someone of being Satan. […]


Ah fun someone that wants to talk Jesus. Ok yes Jesus did break some laws such as healing people on Sunday and other stupid laws. That is not a sin, obviously since Jesus was perfect, that is simply a transgression of the laws of man. Would Jesus pull a gun on friendly neighbors? Nope, neither did I, get you facts right before you get so full of hate. There is a huge difference though as Jesus did not get attacked with his 8 year old daughter standing right there listening to people cuss and swear. Jesus did command us to defend our lives and families even unto bloodshed. Oops, you may want to learn more about Jesus before you break a bunch of the major 10 commandments with your post. People like you though that are filled with hate can never be swayed to the truth. Satan does have full control of a heart that is full of hate and contention. All my words I’m quite sure will mean nothing to you no matter what I say but I do find it mildly entertaining bantering with those that don’t have the spirit of discernment and therefore are completely clueless. You have no facts but you are full of contention and accusations anyway. There is only one force where contention like yours comes from.

Love, Dell


Paul Jones is a man with little honor. It is really low to go attacking people publicly and openly for things you know nothing about because you don’t have all the facts; especially so without even talking with them first to even try and get the full story. Where exactly is evidence of my delusion? My faith in God? Is that a delusion? Can you ever prove I am wrong? If you can’t prove it are you not a serious loser for attacking someone for their beliefs without facts or even logic? You know there are good people of all faiths, those willing to try and understand a person that thinks so differently than themselves and those that just call people delusional without any basis or foundation. You are probably not even worth bantering with since if you wrestle with a pig you will get muddy. This suggests nothing good will come debating with you because you have no good in you to share. Am I wrong?

Love, Dell


Sorry man, you have been weighed, you have been measured and you have most certainly been found wanting. I suspect you are the same kind of scum that would actually yell and swear insults at a guy holding the hand of his 8 year old daughter. An honorable person would never even think of doing such a thing. Personally I would rather shoot myself in the head than do such a thing as I believe either way you would end up in the same place and I don’t believe in wasting time. I don’t care what the guy did I would not do such a thing in front of the child.

Love, Dell


I love you too Mandy, thanks for the support.


Hi Dell.
I think its a shame that your stores are closing. Sure you’re a little out there.. but atleast there was somebody interesting in Utah for once.
The people that accused you shouldn’t have been milling around in the streets where they could get hit anyways.
I’m glad you told of the scare mongering media too.


How can you afford the internet? I thought you were bankrupt cause you didn’t pay your bills. Maybe you should pay the government before you pay comcast.
Why did you get your 8 year old daughter out of the car and hold her hand in front of the rock throwers? I think she was probably in the car and you are just exaggerating to make yourself look a little right, if at all possible in this situation.
I also used to think you were pretty funny, but now I think you are a looney toon and that you are totally off your rocker.

Love always,


Jake Waters

I retract my first reply. I don’t feel that way anymore. Here’s the deal.. After learning more about what’s going on, I believe that Dell is a well meaning individual. Does he do some wacky and unconventional things? Yes! Does that make him a bad person? I would say not. We know who Dell is because of his zany radio and tv spots. So what if he had a run in with a couple of guys? Who doesn’t every once in a while? I teach primary in my ward. Not too long ago, I was accused of puting bruises on a little girl’s arm. Did I really do that? No. I was falsley accused. But now, who in my ward believes that I actually did it? I don’t know. Many people, possibly. My point is, it’s a horrible feeling being accused of something by people who don’t know the story in its entirety. Do I really know what happened with Dell and the “road ragers”? I don’t. If I did, perhaps I could make a fair judgement. I can only assume that on that day, Dell was not out to start a fight in Draper. It’s probably not something he had on his agenda for the day.
As I said earlier in this comment, I think Dell means well, and I wish him luck.


Since I have very little doubt that Dell will continue to read and respond to this post, I’m leaving a comment for him:

Dell, buddy, stop. Stop spending all of your effort and time trying to defend your actions, morals, religious beliefs, and your sanity. It is the mark of the truly crazy to so passionately decry their craziness. You, my friend, are so engrossed with your pseudo-celebrity status that you feel it necessary to maintain it – at ANY and ALL costs.

Your effort to blame your business failures on the accusations (true or false) of the local media is growing tired. I personally bought one of your Totally Awesome computers and found it to be Totally Disfunctional. When I tried to have it’s issues corrected, I found your support technicians to be Totally Inept. When I complained about the lack of service and satisfaction, I was given a replacement unit which turned out to be just as Totally Shittastic.

Your business failed because you sold underbuilt machines and supported them with under-educated college freshmen. That’s the only reason. Not because of KUTV, KTVX, KSL, KBYU, or any other local entity beginning with “K” or ending with “News.”

Personally I feel you have the right to defend yourself and your family from vigilante justice. I wasn’t there. I have no idea how threatening those who approached you were. In my mind, you have the right to “brandish” a weapon if you feel that your person or your property is in jeopardy. I might even have done the same if in your place.

You don’t, however, have the right to claim that you “Did not brandish” to some parties, and that you “Did pull out your gun” to others and expect to not be charged for the conflicting stories. Especially when one of the conflicting stories is to the cops – are you hearing me Dell?!

And while I’m at it, what makes you so Super? Is it just because you say so? Is it because you can afford the TV time? It is my opinion that wild eccentricities do not make a person Super. Mature responsibility, unselfish service, unmitigated loyalty, integrity, and unfailing devotion to worthwhile values are what makes a person super.

If you possess these qualities then exercise them – quietly. Super-man wasn’t super because he went around shouting to everyone that he was. It was his secret. It should be yours.

Dell Schanze:

You you are a homophobe too! Does God teach you to hate homosexuals?

Hey, come on everybody! We all aren’t too different from Dell.. after all, we are all stuck in this crappy desert full of Mormon drones.. atleast Dell is willing to be different.
I’m not a supporter of guns or using God as a scapegoat..
But I also am not a fan of fat camel toed housewives and douchebag shorts- wearing, smoking in your garage and trashing up the neighborhood suburb husbands.. and little bratty 9 year olds running around in the streets bare-foot and having screaming contests all day..
Me and Paul live in the suburbs people, I see this everyday..
And every once in a while.. I get a very strong urge to drive atleast 80 down my road and score make believe points taking out anyone I see.


Wow, I’m kinda in love with kinda-Super Shane.

That said, the link to the video in court makes this whole thing less funny to me. The guy’s clearly having some problems, and as a former court-ee, I can say that giving someone shit on their court date is a total faux pas.

I’ll be back in a few days to take cheap shots.


Jake Waters

Mandy said,

on May 11th, 2006 at 3:39 pm
“we are all stuck in this crappy desert full of Mormon drones”

Uhhmmmm… Yeah… I guess that’s me.

Me too!

no it’s not you Jake.. it’s my neighbors…
you and Lisa are cool Mormons.. I just dont like the crazy ones.

You, Paul are one of the crazy ones.

I heard your little commercial.. and now I think you are totally not awesome.. infact I think you should get a raging case of crabs and I hope they eat you alive..
Love, Mandy

dell, i think you are a little too trigger happy… hopefully you keep the fucking safety on all the weapons of mass destruction you keep in the home you share with your eight year old daughter.
i can’t imagine christ whipping out an AK-47 every time he was threatened. when judas betrayed your savior, he behaved nothing of the sort.

but hell, maybe he did. the new testament can’t be taken as 100% truth. maybe he tore judas a new asshole and shoved his fist in up to his wrist… you never know……

hail, rabbi.

It doesn’t matter what Dell Schanze runs for. The core of the matter is this:
Dell Schanze has no integrity or character.

Sure, there are some people who say “I love that guy’s commercials!”… and oddly enough, they think that’s a good reason to vote for him.

If you rounded up all of Dell Schanze’s ex-employee’s from Totally Awesome Computers and asked them what they thought, 2-5% would say he’s a good man, the other 95-98% would say he has absolutely no integrity, character, or true moral compass whatsoever. Don’t believe me? Track down 10 ex employee’s and see for yourself.


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