War in Lebanon

War is never a good thing. However, I do feel a certain level of support for Israel in this conflict. While it is clear to me personally that Israel is just in their conflict with Hezbolla, Israel should be cautious with their actions.


Rock On, Babylon
Rock On, Babylon
Rock On, Baylon, Babylon

Who really cast the first stone in this conflict? Was it Hezbolla when they kidnapped Israeli soldiers? Was it Israel’s assassinations of Hezbolla leaders? Was it Hezbolla rocket attacks? The 1982 Lebanon War? The Six Day War in 1967? The Arab-Israeli War of 1948? The creation of the Israeli state in 1948 is probably the most recent and prominent provocation of Arab agression, but I believe the conflict stretches back even further in history.
The fact of the matter is Israel exists, and many Arab states and militant group want to undo that. Israel can take care of herself. She proved that time and time again in their past wars. However, I hate to see the violence escalate. I am not even sure that creation of a Palestinian state will put an end to this conflict, so long as there are those who believe that Israel does not have a right to exist.

I agree with your thoughts. My feelings go all over the pace with this current conflict as it is the first time in my life that I have actively thought about the Israel / Lebanon / Hezbolla conflict. No matter how one attempts to frame the justifications or reasons for the conflit, one see that the situation is very complication. Unfortunately the world is not as simple as us vs the “evil-doers.”

I am currently reading “From Beruit to Jerusalem,” which is very interesting in light of the current conflict.

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