Zelpha Jones Dayton

It is late, or early, and I have the day off of work tomorrow so I am browsing around the internet.  I started looking through LDS historical sites and I eventually wound up at FamilySearch.org

I typed in the name of my late grandmother Zelpha Jones Dayton.  As I have witnessed before, I found a rich web of linkable names of heros of my family history.  I really wish that my granmother and my mother LaRayne were still with us today.  They provided a valuable link to the history of my family that I can not recover.

I beg of all of you who may read this:  Learn about the history of your family.  You will find that in some strange way their struggles are the same as your struggles, even though you are seperated by time.

As a project I would like to start extensive work on documenting the stories that I can recall of my family history.  I will think about this for a few days.