Month: October 2005

The worst day of the year?

I really hate this day. Today is the day we roll our clocks back to standard time. I hate early coming of dark in the evening. Standard time = stupid time.

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One Down, One To Go

I am very happy to see Libby’s indictment. I think the indictment proves that there are still individuals with an iota of legal sense in the Federal Government. I believe that regardless of what happens to Karl Rove the Bush Administration will be in for some big changes in 2006. It is rather suprising to see how quickly the Bush andministration is becoming irrelevant. With people in the Republican party continually feeling more empowered to disagree with their leader there may still be promise for our America.

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Harriet Meirs Withdraws!

As a sign of the times of Bush’s crumbling leadership, nominee Meirs withdraws!

Who will Bush appoint next?

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Can Paul Be Saved

Some days I feel as if I am a hopeless drone in a world of repetitious change. It gets me to thinking: I wonder if God approves of all the time I spend away from home. I guess making money is a good cause, but is it holy?

No one ever answered this question for me in my religious studies. My Mormon / Christian upbringing often left me with the literal impression that the love of money is the root of all evil. But when it came down to the practicing of that law, a lot of people in my congregation had some totally awesome, expensive toys.

Making money feels good. It enables individuals a method by which to acquire goods and services. In a purely fair and equal world we would only acquire what we need. Some individuals practice only acquiring what we need, but most consume more than is necessary. I know that I am included in this questionable bunch.

I don’t think acquiring money is holy. It is always necessary, but the cost that we pay for money far too often distracts us from the investment of our soul.

How is that for a hippy rant?

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Paul the Blogger

Well it is time that I write from the heart. It has been oohh so long since I have just let my feelings and thoughts go, unedited and free.

I am really happy with the way things have been going in my life. I have a wonderful family and home that gives me security and love. My sister is getting married next month, I am very happy for her. I am moving on with life at what I believe to be a normal and healthy pace.

I would really like to spend more time outside. I always feel so isolated, be it in the office or in the car. The great outdoors, while everywhere, is always so far away from me. I am seperated from nature by time.

I am happy that I am doing what I am doing with my life. As is usual for me, I always feel like I could be doing more, and I feel that I should make more of my life. I do not want to continue doing the same thing that I am doing employment wise for the rest of my life. I do love what I am doing for now.

I want to live a life that is full of diversity and change. To achieve this I will attempt to learn as much as I can about everything.

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Bush’s empire is crumbling.

With approval ratings at their lowest and Conservatives angry with the Good Ol’ Boy Bush stages a press conference.

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Harriet Miers — Who?

GWB has nominated Harriet Meirs to succeed Sandra Day O’conner to the supreme court. True to form we have another apointee whol has a small paper trail and seems to be painfully loyal to Bush.

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LDS Chruch to Build a Temple: literally In my backyard!

At October LDS General Conference church president Gordon B. HInkley announced that a temple would be build in the “Daybreak” development in South Jordan. This morning the Deseret News ran a story where South Jordan’s mayor fleshed out the exact location of the temple. The location seems to be a hill that lies directly behind my house.

I am honestly very excited to hear that this will be happening so close to my house!

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