Month: December 2005

God roots for the Denver Broncos.

I had an LDS seminary teacher in Payson, UT who told our class that, “God roots for the Denver Broncos.”  Now I may not be the best mormon but I am going to guess that that was an untrue statement.

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Comcast is less than comcastic!

Here in Utah comcast has been hourly running an “Abduction Alert” over their digital cable service. The girlfriend and I have been trying to watch “Meet me in St. Louis” but comcast keeps breaking in.

Now don’t get me wrong I think the good old media master should be running these alerts, but there is something peculiar about how comcast is doing it. After the alert all programing switches to KSTU Fox 13. Fox sucks, and Fox 13 especially sucks.

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Utah Wins

Utah Wins 5th Bowl

While this year was by no means as impressive as last year’s perfect season the Utah Utes did score two key victories.  On Nov 19 they beat the BYU loosers, and last Thursday they beat Georgia Tech in the Emerald Bowl.  I don’t quite know why it joys me so much to see BYU loose.  Before attending the University of Utah I was a BYU fan.  Now BYU just seems gay.

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2006 in South Jordan

2006 will likely mark my first full year in South Jordan. What is a workoholic no good son of a gun like me to do to make 2006 worth the trouble in South Jordan? Well first things first: I have got to fight the politics of this conservative area. My Utah state Senator for South Jordan is none other than Chris Buttars. Chris thinks that Utah government should reflect the values and teachings of his heavenly father. To Buttars I say this: “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

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Testing out word press.

I am going to give this “Word Press” blogging software a try.  There are still a few bugs that I would like to work out with word press before I make a full blown switch.  Until then consider this a beta blog for Paul Jones Dayton.

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I Wage Slave

For probably another 30 years I will continue as I am now. Working for others, producing products (services). I will receive money for my services, but that is all. When I am no longer necessary I will be “let go,” for the next lowest bidder. Do you think this is how God wants life to be?

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The War on Holidays

Fundamentalist Christians are again taking up the holy fight agains those evil retailers out there who are referring to the season as the “Holidays” instead of refering to it as “Christmas.” Good morning, let me tell you something: WHO CARES? Besides, Christmas has always been about the mixing of different religious traditions. My particular christian denomination believes that Christ was born on April 6, more than three months after the traditional celebration of Christ’s birth. Why then is this holiday celebrated on December 25. Well there is a lesser know even that coincides with Christmas. WINTER SOLSTICE. Way back in the day our Eurasian ancestors celebrated a pagan holiday that included a massive light celebration. It was though that such a celebration would reverse the shortening of the days. Christians essentially assimilated this holiday into their religious calendar.

Today we have wacko Christian righty tighties who are just crazily defending everthing Christian. Does the friendly gesture “Happy Holidays” threaten your personal belief system? I can say with complete confidence that my faith in Christ remains unaffected by the “Happy Holidays” sign in my old home town of Payson.

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George Bush Spies With His Little Eye

The New York Times releases an investigation on Thursday detailing how the CIA spied on American citizens continually after September 11. This story shows that the Administration will stop at nothing to “protect us from terrorism.” How can we allow them to do this to US the people? We should live in a free country where we are free from being subject to a government that does not trust us. We should not sacrifice our most valuable possession of liberty for security. Security means nothing if we do not have freedoms and right to do what we will with out the fear of covert acts of domestic spying. Domestic spying is the work of tyrants.

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Need to Change the Site

I am starting to dislike postnuke. For those of you unfimilar with post nuke, post nuke is essentially a content management system that I use to run my website. Recently I have notice that it seems to be insecure. Nuke is lacking in certain features that I would like for my blog; namely easy to use linking, XML-RPC syndication that works. If any of you out there have suggestions for what to use for blogging just leave a comment.


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