Month: February 2007

Romney continues to flip flop.

Mitt Romney was on This Week giving a lenghty interview to George Stephanopoulos.  I really want to like Mitt, but this interview painfully highlighted what an opourtunist Romney is.  In the Business world opourtunists are rewarded, and I really think that is fine.  In the political world we tend to want politicians who have personal integrity in their beliefs.  Ronmney was supportive of abortion and gay rights in past senatorial campaigns.  In my heart of hears, and this is a large assumption, Romney took a position during his Senate campaign that was against is personal beliefs.  He did this because of clear political opourtunities for himself.  Romney is genuinely honest about his position now, but he wasn’t then.  He did as the businessmen do, take advantage of opourtunities.  This is why Romney has recently joined the NRA.  Romney: I so wanted to support you in at least a minor way, but I may pull you off of my short list.

Here is a conservative point of view.

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Day Light Savings Time Bugs – This is a real issue

I love Day Light Savings Time. It gives me light outside when I want it. I was very excited when congress made the change to add an additional 4 weeks of time. On the other hand I do work in Information Technology and as such the implications to computer systems are very real. So many things that our computers do are dependent on time. As many of you remember there was a real fear when the year 2000 came that our computers would not be able to tell what day it was. In response to the number change countless firms invested time, money, and people in remedying the situation. Today few seem to have even acknowledged the issue of changing Day Light Savings time with relatively short notice. Blackberry, provider of smart phones and enterprise-class e-mail push technology released a DST fix this month, merely one month before the switch. Few people seem to be discussing this issue in the blogosphere and the mainstream media. Slashdot recently featured an article on this very issue, but it seems to diminish the seriousness of this issue. I think the threat of problems is real and I do not take this change lightly. Yet another way the Republicans have pwned me.

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Trolley Square Mall Shooting — Salt Lake City

Tonight there was a shooting at the trolley square mall.  I don’t know many details, but it seems really scary when such large incidents happens so close to home.

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My 2008 Short List

Ok this list can change daily but here are my top 4 preferences for President in 08.

1. Barack Obama

2. John Edwards

3. Hillary Clinton

4. Chuck Hegel

5. Mitt Romney

You are probably asking, why is Mitt on the list.  Sure he is a cultural conservative, however he is not an Evangelical cultural conservative.  It would be very interesting to see how progressive a Mitt Romney presidency could be.

Chuck Hegel could leap frog Hillary Clinton on my list, but Chuck is still a long shot.  I think we have a very real chance that Hillary will be the next president, despite all the Bill Clinton naysayers.

It will be nice to have an actual leader in charge of the country.

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The tables have changed.

Do you remember about … 6 months ago?  All the Republicans talked about was having “straight up or down votes” in the senate.  Now baby Republican Bitch Mitch McConnel and his minority cronies have voted to cut off debate on the Iraq War Resolution.  Welcome to the world of hating up or down votes.

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