Month: April 2007

The Mormons — PBS Frotline / American Experience

Tonight the wife and I watched part one of “The Mormons,” a PBS documentary about the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It was a fairly interesting 2 hours that appeared to try to honestly be fair and balanced.  My great question is what did actual mormons think about this documentary?

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Utah’s Attorney General is full of shit.

I am happy to see that Utah’s attorney general, Mark Shurtleff is in line with the Republican hacks who believe things are going well in Iraq.  In a really useful speech the attorney general referred to Senate Majority leader as  “Hezbolla Harry.” He also compared Mayor Rocky Anderson to World War II traitors.  Thanks Mark Shurtleff for showing the close minded people of Utah that is it unpatriotic to see reality.  You know the bible says something like thou shalt not kill, but I guess God is just a weak minded idiot who would gladly surrender to terrorists.

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Today is the greatest day.

Have you ever noticed that Saturday is always much better than the rest of those days on the week.  Saturday is a day truly dedicated to the individual that lives that day.  Gone are the burdens of work (for the most part).  Come to stay, for the day, are the joys of doing something that you want.  It is 7:45 in beautiful South Jordan and I am ready to take the day the same way I take my medicine, with a humble heart and a contrite spirit.

Today is date night with Mandy.  I love Mandy!

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